Qiskit Runtime from IBM Quantum is exclusively available on Strangeworks
Timescapes of Computer Science
You will implement your quantum codes on actual superconducting quantum processors hosted in IBM's dilution refrigerator!
We have a fantastic lineup of national and international experts in quantum and classical science who will give lectures on quantum technologies throug…
This week we will brainstorm about potential uses cases quantum computers may find in Nepali market.
Information is physical
Demonstrating quantum advantage using a simple search algorithm
Two-qubit gates and entangling blocks
What quantum gates make up a set of universal quantum gates?
"QuTiP is open-source software for simulating the dynamics of open quantum systems."
Plus learn more about launch of our free mentorship program!
In this session, I will introduce some of the building blocks of a superconducting quantum computer. Such a quantum computer needs to be cooled at Mill…