Project 1 - Grover's algorithm (part 2)

Information is physical

Last week, we reviewed Grover's algorithm, which is one of the first few quantum algorithms developed to demonstrate how a quantum computer can outperform classical computers. During this session, we will discuss different challenges that may have come about in constructing quantum circuit for a 2-qubit (or 4-states) Grover’s algorithm project. Members of the two teams (A and B) are encouraged to present what they have learned over the weeks.

Here is a nice video explaining Grover’s algorithm:

In the next sessions, we shall explore how one can understand Grover’s search algorithm geometrically. This allows for a more elegant demonstration of the power of this quantum algorithm.

This session takes place on 27.05.2021 (Thursday) at 7 PM (Nepali time). Please join in below:

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