Exploring quantum computing use cases for Nepal

This week we will brainstorm about potential uses cases quantum computers may find in Nepali market.

Quantum computers promise to play increasingly important role in the ever-growing computer-driven economy of our world. Their applications are seen to be manifold:

  1. Drug Design

  2. Artificial Intelligence (natural language processing)

  3. Cryptography

  4. Finance

  5. Optimization (vehicle routing, package delivery, electric grid optimization, aircrafts aerodynamics, etc.)

  6. Quantum Sensing (medical imaging)

And the list goes on. Each of these applications fall in a broad category of quantum simulation, optimization or machine learning. These use cases are relevant in industries such as health care, manufacturing, financial services, logistic and chemical companies. The question is - what are the low hanging fruits for a Nepali quantum market? Can a quantum computer of the future help in crop yield in the Terai region of Nepal? How about reporting in advance about potentially heavy monsoon rain fall accompanying flash floods in the north-west Nepal? Nepal is a mountainous country, and transporting goods and services across the country is difficult. Maybe the device could help in optimizing the transport routes delivering raw materials for factories in Biratnagar? In this session, we will brainstorm about where and how Nepal can see optimal uses of a future quantum devices, one with thousand to a million qubits with error mitigation and correction protocol in place. Join us below this Thursday (10.06.2021) at 7 PM (Nepali time) for the brainstorming session:

Link to Event

Manish Thapa

OneQuantum will join the CogX Festival 2021!

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO, André König will join the CogX Festival as a speaker. We are honored to represent the quantum community in such an important event. The CogX Festival is the world’s largest gathering of CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, activists and policy makers working together to address the biggest questions, achievements and challenges of the influential technologies shaping our future. We were also able to get a discount code for the tickets for all of our OneQuantum members. We will also have access to the Global Leadership Series. It's invite only and you have to qualify in order to participate. Let us know if you are interested! You will also have the opportunity for some networking in our virtual booth.

From June 14th-16th, 2021, the CogX Festival will go ahead as a hybrid in-person and virtual gathering at the distinguished King’s Cross Estate in London. We’ll be bringing the excitement of the Festival to multiple sites within the Knowledge Quarter’s vast, two million square feet estate. Between its spacious indoor areas and open air spaces, we’ll safely gather for three invigorating days of inspiring sessions and candid conversations.

Following government guidelines, the CogX team is putting health and safety first and working unbelievably hard to protect our community, partners and suppliers throughout the Festival.

With an unmissable agenda and a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we’re expecting over 100,000 online and in-person visitors*, including 1,000 speakers across 18 topic stages.

CogX signature features:

  • The Global Leadership Summit

  • The 5th edition of the CogX Awards

  • Extraordinary breadth of content and topics

  • An Expo to discover and explore ideas

  • Intelligent and serendipitous networking

Our theme this year is, ‘How do we get the next 10 years right?’ and gathers the best in their fields to:

  • Inspire current and future generations of leaders

  • Move conversations forward with concrete actions

  • Celebrate the latest innovations, especially those focused on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Continue the fight for equality, diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of society

  • Help reframe the climate emergency as the biggest economic opportunity in the last 200 years

You can get a 100% on the PREMIUM VIRTUAL TICKET with the code: PVP100ESTRAPADUS

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*The CogX guarantee: If Covid creeps back up and the Government enforces new restrictions, we’ll move all our brilliant speakers and sessions onto our lively virtual platform. As for your in-person pass, you can either ask for a full refund or get two in-person passes to CogX Festival 2022. Whatever you choose, we’ll also give you a free Premium Virtual Pass so you can join the 2021 Festival from home.

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