Tutorial 4 - universal quantum computation (part 2)

Two-qubit gates and entangling blocks

This lecture builds upon the lecture hosted on 29.04.2021. We shall revisit fundamental quantum operations that are required in universal quantum computation. I will particularly talk about digital quantum computation, and introduce basic two qubit gates. 

In part 2, you will learn the definitions and implementations of CNOT and CPHASE gates. We will perform operations on two qubits using these gates on qutip. I will demonstrate how one can, for instance, create a superposition states using H gate. I will also demonstrate how one can entangle a pair of qubits using H and CNOT gates. Entanglement is unique to quantum particles; Einstein once infamously described it as a "spooky action at a distance". 

Please join in via Run the World on 06.05.2021 (next Thursday) at 7 PM (Nepali time) : 

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Quantum computing projects on offer!

We are also providing fun quantum computing projects to our OQN members. These projects are to be completed in the time frame of 1-2 months. We will use qutip as well as strangeworks platforms to carry out these projects. Projects involve building quantum algorithms such as Grover’s search algorithm, Shor’s integer factorisation algorithm, etc. Please join our session on Thursday to learn more about all the interesting projects that are on offer.

News and Events

Introduction to the quantum tech ecosystem and why Africa needs to build a robust quantum community now. 

  1. Women in Quantum Summit is tentatively scheduled for July 19th and 20th - mark your calendars. 

  2. Quantum in Africa - Summit and Career Fair (sign up now to attend the first quantum summit and career fair in Africa - happening May 12 and May 13)

  3. Government Work Report in China mentions "quantum" science and technology and explicitly supports the development of quantum science and technology.

  4. EU to develop and deploy ultra-secure quantum communications infrastructure

  5. U.S. House of Representatives introduced two new quantum technology-related bills. 

  6. Latest draft of Horizon Europe seeks to prevent countries outside the EU, such as Israel, Switzerland and the UK, from participating in quantum and space projects

  7. UKRI launches competition to advance the commercialization of quantum technologies in the UK and increase private sector investment. 

  8. Alibaba to increase investment in basic and cutting-edge technologies, in artificial intelligence, chips, quantum computing, blockchain and other fields of scientific research, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs.

  9. American Physical Society (APS) recently interviewed international leading research institutes and representative companies such as Los Alamos National Lab(Los Alamos National Laboratory) and National Shield Quantum.

  10. Hyundai Heavy Industries formed a tripartite alliance with Korea Telecom and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) to participate in the construction of quantum cryptographic communication infrastructure in Korea.

  11. XN Systems and ID Quantique partner to promote a Quantum-Safe VPN solution


  13. 200 km single photon 3D imaging demonstrated in China

  14. Quantum key distribution with entangled photons generated on demand by a quantum dot

  15. Quantum circuits with many photons on a programmable nanophotonic chip

  16. Amazon has unveiled a new theoretical blueprint for a quantum computer based on combining hardware versions of lots of Schrödinger’s cats. 

  17. NEC Australia partners with D-Wave in helping provide cutting-edge quantum computing technology for the Australian Defence industry

  18. Atos unveils global R&D Lab to drive innovation in Cybersecurity, High Performance Computing and Quantum

  19. Phix Photonics Assembly and quantum startup Quix received funding to develop integrated quantum photonic processors with over 50 input/output modes

  20. The quantum computer revolution: here tomorrow, so we must prepare today

  21. Researchers use quantum-inspired tech to reduce radiosurgery planning time