Speaker's series kickoff

Plus learn more about launch of our free mentorship program!

Last week, we offered our very first tutorial session as a part of our speaker’s series on quantum computing to our OQN members. We want to thank all the attendees for joining this session. We received very good feedback from the attendees, and will continue to offer such tutorials in the coming weeks. We also intend to host guest speakers at OQN to give such a tutorial in the near future. Please stay tuned for the announcement.

You can find the recording of tutorial 1 advertised here below:

In this tutorial, I discuss some of the basic principles governing qubit and quantum gates. I additionally discuss what makes quantum computers unique in terms of their ability to compute. In the closing slides, I touch on superconducting circuits and their building blocks in simple terms.

Important update about out free mentoring program launch

OneQuantum is excited to offer free mentoring program to our OQN members. We enthusiastically thank Keysight Technologies for sponsoring the use of MentorCliq. With this program, we aim to match quantum computing enthusiasts to hone their technical and leadership skills with the experts in the field. Our mentors have background not only in quantum science but also in other important facets pertaining to career development and business, among others. To learn more about this program, please checkout WIQ’s newsletter.

Enrollment for this program is 3 times a year with our initial enrollment period running throughout April - if you would like to participate please enroll here before the program starts.

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Manish Thapa