Tutorial 3 - universal quantum computation (part 1)

What quantum gates make up a set of universal quantum gates?

In this session, we shall learn about the most fundamental quantum operations that is required in universal quantum computation. Classical gates such as NOT, AND, OR, etc. operate on classical bits to perform classical computation. Similarly, quantum gates such as CNOT, H, T, etc. are utilised to manipulate quantum information. It is seen that the set {CNOT, H, T}, for example, is universal, and using the elements from just this set, one can perform arbitrary operations on qubits.

In part 1, you will learn the definitions of CNOT, H and T gates. We will perform operations on single qubit and two qubits using these gates using qutip. I will demonstrate how one can, for instance, create a superposition states using H gate. T gate (or phase gate) and H gate act on single qubit whereas CNOT gate acts on two qubits, and is an important gate required to perform two qubit operations and implement entangling blocks in quantum circuits.

Please join in via this link on 29.04.2021 (Thursday) at 7 PM (Nepali time) : 

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Recording from this session is available here:

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