The leading quantum computing community building platform for Nepal - OneQuantum Nepal

Welcome to OneQuantum Nepal’s newsletter. OneQuantum Nepal (OQN) operates under OneQuantum, a not-for-profit startup which aims to bring together quantum leaders from around the world. It unites quantum technology enthusiasts under a single umbrella, and is dedicated to encourage collaboration and communication within a wider quantum computing community. OQN aims to promote quantum science and foster a development of a nascent quantum ecosystem in Nepal for Nepalis from all walks of life. OQN puts together dedicated learning materials for all quantum computing enthusiasts around Nepal through seminars, quantum summits and weekly virtual meet-ups. We promote quantum science in Nepal so as to make the booming quantum revolution inclusive for all regardless of age, gender or socio-economic background. Quantum technology is beautiful, and we believe that no one should be deprived of relishing this beauty just because the technology could not be made inclusive for everyone. At OQN, we are driven by the fact that we are one helping hand away from making somebody’s life fair.

To get an idea of what drives you to learn about and engage in quantum technologies, we have prepared a simple electronic form that you could fill out here. We would like to hear you out so that we can help you meet your goals in this field. Join us, and stay tuned for our weekly events announcements!